Smart home water monitors

Water leaks can be unseen and ongoing for quite some time before being found, by the time you discover a water leak in your home, it could cost a small fortune to get it fixed  and you water bill might take a big hit too. Here are a couple of excellent smart home water monitors to help protect your home and valuable from water damage.


One of the sensors you hope you never have to use in your home, Leak Sensor’s function is simple: it detects water leaks. Place one by your water heater, under every sink, by your clothes and dish washers and behind the toilet for total protection. When used in conjunction with an IO Module and electronic water shutoff valve, it can automatically stop a water leak as it happens.

Water monitors

WallyHome hub

WallyHome helps you detect those leaks before they get serious. Attach its sensors to water-prone places like sinks and toilets, and if a drop of water falls, an alert is sent to the WallyHome hub so you can act immediately. Monitor your home 24/7 with the simple WallyHome app, which lets you set your own alerts and shows you all the locations of your sensors as well as the temperature and humidity in those areas. At 300 Euro, WallyHome is a steal compared to the thousands you could pay if your home suffers from a leak.

water monitors

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