How to change the portal server address

How to change the portal server address to your service provider

This quick help guide will show you how to change the portal address on the Mag 254.
• Make sure the Mag 254 is connected to the internet via the router and is also connected to the TV.
• Insert batteries into the remote control.
• Turn on the Mag 254 by pressing the red power button on the remote.
• If you get the on screen message ‘STB is blocked call your provider’ you need to do the following:

From the rear of the STB pull out the small power lead for 10 seconds, then replace the lead back in the STB.


The STB will now start to boot up again. Make sure you have the STB remote control to hand.

mag 254 page loading

When you see the page loading message on screen you need to press and hold the menu button on the remote control.

mag 254 remote control

Now the should see the page with the old portal URL (address)

settings mag 254

Click on system settings. When in system settings click on servers.

system settings

No click on portals.

portals mag 254

Once you are in the portal area you need to use the keyboard button on the remote control to bring up the on screen

keyboard and enter the portal address (URL)




In the portal URL box marked yellow you need to replace the URL with with your provider address, i.e.



No you need to save this by clicking on the home button on the remote control.



Once you have entered the portal URL click menu then ok to save your settings.
You may new need to change the time server to sync you Mag with the correct time.
Once you have saved the portal url you will return back to the servers page.

Mag portal general

Click on General and add the NTP address which is

Once done click on menu then ok to save the setting. You will now be prompted to reboot the STB.
We recommend pulling the power cable from the STB for 10 seconds to force a hard reboot.