Computer Networks

Network Design IP computer networks have become the de facto standard, and Ethernet is the technology of choice when it comes to LANs (Local Area Networks). A network design or installation by us guarantees you will be in the safe hands of Cisco certified network engineers, who specialise in IP and Ethernet network design and installation. Some of the service we provide are:

Structured cabling projects

Whether it’s a new build project or you are looking to scale your existing infrastructure to accommodate your expanding work force. Our data cabling comes from some of the best on the market such as Nexans, Brand-Rex, Excel and Molex, all with manufacturer backed warranties of up to 25 years.

Network design

A good network design will take into account not only your existing data traffic, and infrastructure and business requirements, but also embed future proofing to allow your network to be highly scalable giving you a network that grows seamlessly with your business.

Wireless Gateway Hotspots

Hotels, restaurants, bars even beach cafes can benefit from granting their clients secure and reliable ‘pay as you surf’’ internet access. You control the billing options, and there’s also an option to display up to 10 advertisement URLs so you could sell space on your portal to other companies.

Wireless  Computer Networks

Expand your existing wired infrastructure with a high bandwidth, secure and reliable 801.11n wireless network. Your wireless computer networks can be configured to integrate your employees in to the business network, whilst segregating your visitors and allowing them secure internet only access.


Securing business assets can be time consuming and involve expensive analogue hardware. IP CCTV systems do not require local recording, they can transmit their images across computer networks, the Internet to a remote location, where they can be recorded, viewed and managed.

Computer networks