New Mag 256 IP TV Media Box

Super-fast IP TV and multimedia streaming just got that much quicker, slicker and more reliable with the new MAG 256 IP TV Media Box. The MAG256 is a unique open platform. You can make changes to our Set-Top Box software as well as integrate with other developers’ software.

The all new MAG256 is a high-performance Set-Top Box solution with new STiH301 chipset. The STB is using HEVC technology for provision of high quality video with more velocity. Owing to enhanced capabilities of MAG256 Set-Top Box, it’s now possible to playback the video of quality up to Full HD and to use intensive applications.

The MAG256 holds a faster and more powerful media processor ARM Cortex A9 1.5 GHz; HEVC support; USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports to connect external carriers and Wi-Fi adapters.

The new MAG 256 is now available to buy from use for the special introductory price of 160 Euros inc tax.

New Mag 256 IP TV Media Box

New Mag 256 IP TV Media Box

High-power IPTV/OTT Set-Top Box
Support of HEVC technology

MAG256 supports video compression format called HEVC allowing the playback of high-resolution video

Fast data processing

Owing to powerful and effective ARM Cortex A9 1.5 GHz processor with 3 500 DMIPS productivity MAG256 can process FullHD video and intensive apps, within short period of time

High Quality of Sound and Image

The audio output S/PDIF allows connecting multichannel HighEnd system to the Set-Top Box. HDMI 1.4A provides the highest quality of image.

Functions on Demand

MAG256 plays the latest audio and video formats and it supports format and image settings, choice of audio track and playlists processing.

Perfection in Every Detail
Total Comfort

The multi-purpose remote control allows managing not only the Set-Top Box, but also it can operate other electronics. You can connect a wireless keyboard and mouse through USB port for more comfort in operating MAG256.

Compatibility with Any TV System

The Set-Top Box MAG256 can be connected both through HDMI and through RCA cables.


Infomir Set-Top Boxes is approved with CE, FCC and EAC certificates that guarantee their quality and accordance with international standards.

Easy Administration

MAG256 can be set-up, operated and monitored through JavaScriptAPI

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