Pretty Poor Passwords Provide Piss Poor Protection

The more we hear about hacking and online fraud the more we often assume it is down to the guile, brilliance and ingenuity of the hackers that are perpetrating these crimes. However in most cases we should be looking closer to home for the root cause of losing our online identity. Security analysts have been warning us for years to tighten up security, and the first step in this process is to harden up those passwords. In their annual report SplashData have identified that poor password management is still the stuff of nightmares for system administrators, and a welcome mat for the cybercriminals.
The report listed the top five passwords have remained the same this years, with only the 3rd 4th and 5th positions playing musical chairs. The ubiquitous ”123456″ remains the most popular password among web users, followed by “password” in a list of user credentials leaked online last year.
“Qwerty” appears in fourth place of the list of compromised credentials put together by password management outfit SplashData.
Further down the list “dragon”, “football” and “batman” all make their debuts as new entries.
Security experts warn that easy to remember passwords are increasingly easily guessed by potential attackers. So you have been warned, again! Dodgy



Pretty Poor Password Provide Piss Poor Protection

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