UK TV Abroad

Welcome to the world of UK and Irish TV abroad brought to you by Fuerteventura Computers. IP TV is one of the fastest growing technologies for supplying of or your favourite TV programmes while you are abroad. IP TV does not require a dish or aerial, nor does it require your PC or laptop to be plugged in.

How it works

IP TV Channels

IP TV Channels


The Mag IP TV box is simple to install and comes with full setup and operating instructions. We also offer Online and telephone support to help get you up and running. Exclusive to Fuerteventura we now offer a complete installation and set-up service from as little as €35 completely free!!!

If you are using a third party provider you can access our how to guide below:

How to set up the Mag 254

How to change the portal server

We supply the latest top of the range IP TV Mag box which plugs directly into your television, all you need to do is plug it into to your router with the supplied connection and start watching all of the great TV Programmes you have been missing.

mag250 IPTV Abroad

mag250 IPTV Abroad

How to purchase

The Mag box which normally retails at €160 is on offer at only €99. This is a one off payment, then you only pay for the TV you want to view, it’s as simple as that. Or you can opt for the Mag 254 with an even faster and more powerful media processor (DIMENSIONS STiH207 with the frequency of 650 MHZ), a bigger RAM of 512 Mb. Highest video and sound quality with HDMI 1.4A and S/PDIF. 3D-video playback.

Special offer: Mag 254, LAN Cable, HDMI Cable and wifi adaptor,  all this for a one off introductory price of €140, excluding delivery.

Or you can contact us if you would like to discuss our TV Online options, or  for installation costs.

UK TV Abroad

UK TV Abroad


If you only have wifi or Internet access without a router You can also watch TV online from your PC, Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet here: Filmon
UK TV Abroad – Important Legal Information from the Manufacturer.


Please note we are not an IP TV reseller or channel restreamer.

We learned about the fact of illegal interactive TV services provided to users by:


The MAG Set-Top Boxes appear to be involved in using content without the rightholder’s consent. Governed by the current legislation, Infomir warns the OTT service providers that illegal content distribution and usage is prosecuted under copyright law.

All service, support and sales related requests for those companies, their distributors and customers will be denied.

We strongly recommend our partners, clients and distributors to abstain from business contacts with the above mentioned services or from any other pirate resources in order not to violate the law.




UK TV Abroad